Countering Terrorism via Smart Power


As combating terrorism is increasingly becoming complex and involves different dynamics, we have created The 05 File Foundation on November 23, 2015 in the wake of the Paris attack to engage the public to debate about how to approach the phenomena anew and to rethink strategy. While counterterrorism is most often linked with the exercise of "hard power", which includes intelligence, law, policing, and military power, it must gradually make use of "soft power" that consists of political, social, cultural and economic control, together with broader policy initiatives dealing with the environment, development, critical infrastructure, migration, and humanitarian intervention, in which a nation's civil society plays a vital role. That's why Professor Joseph Nye, who coined the term "soft power”, wrote that a viable civil society would help mitigate violence. As Nye concluded, a great nation’s interests in world politics can be better achieved through the use of "smart power", a combination of both soft and hard power!

So how can you, the readers,  partake towards this initiative? Please feel free to leave your feedback, comments and ideas on social media links below or you can engage in discussions on the International Military Forum under the “international terrorism” section.